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Ruby H.

Lisa G. is phenomenal!! she really listened to my needs and delivered. I came here for the first time based on my sister's recommendation and I'm absolutely in love with this place already. The place is relaxing and the staff is friendly. I highly recommend this place and Lisa G. since I'm going to be a regular! ;) can't wait for my next visit! Thank you Lisa G.

Desiree L.

I've been a client for awhile. I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. It is a beautiful, soothing environment. They have a loyal following and very talented therapists. Holly is my personal favorite.

Patricia H.

WOW, I had an amazing massage. I got a gift certificate here for a massage from my boyfriend and it was one of the better gifts he's gotten me. This place is epic and it's one of the better massages I've had ever.
Heck, I was relaxed just walking into the massage room, the smell, the music and the ambiance they set up is perfect.
I was having problems with my right calf muscle and they set me up with someone that specializes in those areas. I've never had that level of service before.

Everyone at Essentials' goes above and beyond to be helpful and nice. Great place.

Jessica B.

I have been going to Essential nearly since they opened the doors of their current location. I love them for so many reasons.

First of all, Lisa and all of the therapists are so friendly and professional. I have never had anything but a PERFECT massage here. This was such a treat during pregnancy - and especially after having kids. They literally work the stress right out and I leave feeling 10 years younger!

But the thing I am most grateful for is Lisa's help during my time of infertility. She is really passionate about this application of massage and gave me the winning massage that finally enabled me to conceive my beautiful son. That alone is worth its weight in gold. And to think I got it for $60!


I have been frequenting Essential for years, even before they moved to the location they are at now. Their office space and individual massage rooms are absolutely serene with soothing paint colors, comfortable furnishings and tranquil music...it makes for a very relaxing massage. Though I typically see Lisa Boyd, the owner, who gives awesome massages, I've also received massages from various other therapists as well. Each staff member has particular areas of expertise, which makes scheduling a breeze if you want/need something different than the usual rub down. Whether you like your massage light and relaxing or deep for those more sore and stressed muscles, this place definitely can accomodate! The staff is also very friendly and helpful. I've never had a bad, disappointing or 'not up to par' experience.

Robbin Y.

I have been going to Essential Massage for several years, and Lisa and her team are MARVELOUS!! Always professionals, clean and relaxing environment and one of the best massages I have ever had. I even have a friend on the west side of the state that comes all the way from Grand Haven to have a massage there. I would highly recommend Essential Massage Therapy to ANYONE!!

Kimberley K.

I have been going to Essential for several years and am always impressed by their good service. The facility is nicely decorated and always very clean. Staff is friendly and helpful and the massage therapists are well trained. Currently I am seeing Meghan for deep tissue massage and am very pleased with her skills and professional manner.

Shaunte W.

I absolutely love this place. I've been a few times, I've bought gift certificates for others, and each time the experience has been very pleasurable. I've been to other places for massages; and because this is their focus it shows in their work. I always hate the last 10 min of my massage because I never want them to stop. Excellent pricing, service, staff and ambiance.


My boyfriend got his sister and myself a massage after a very stressful time with family. We both left saying that was the best massage we had ever had. Both of us have had massages at spas all over the U.S. and this still ranks at the top of our list.


Just wanted to thank you guys today for a great experience at Essential Massage Therapy today. As an ultrarunner, massage is an important part of my program and I have gotten away from it since the place I used to frequent is too far of a drive. Now that I have found, actually thanks to my wife, a place that listened to my areas of concern and adapted the massage to it, I will be sure to refer you to my running friends and book my next massage after the Martian Marathon in early April.

Thanks again and I made sure to give you guys some props on my blog.


First went here when i was pregnant. the massage therapist did such a wonderful job, i went back towards the end of my pregnancy. A different therapist also did a great job. i've since returned a number of times. i like Ann, but my husband saw another female therapist that he thought was good too.
They also have male masseuses. a great value and not pretentious at all like some of those day spas (i've been to) in birmingham.


Dear Jeannie,
You must wonder sometimes how your skills with Reiki actually affect your clients. Allow me to tell you - it's all good! When I left Essentials today, I took with me a feeling of calm, comfort, and peace...thanks to you. You did your part, and now my part is to savor and nourish this balance which you helped restore with your gifted hands.

God bless you.



I just want to take this opportunity and say thank you. I had a very relaxing and calming experience this past Saturday. I have only been to a masseuse once before but had a very bad experience and was very reluctant about returning to another. I got wind of your establishment from friend of mine, I was then recommended to Meghan and she did a fabulous job. Please let her know that she did a very good job and she will be getting more business from me in the future and hopefully my friends, after I spread the good word. Her perfessionalism and relaxing nature put me at ease right away.

Thanks again.




Just a quick thank you for the wonderful prenatal massage last Wednesday. That night thoughout the night I felt a lot of abdominal and lower back cramping. My contractions became regular around 4pm Thursday. We went into the Alternative Birth Center at Providence at 8:15pm and delivered Elise at 11:15pm (the nurse kept reminding me that the trade off for a fast labor was an intense labor...) I know that massage help get things rolling!

I've attached a picture of us in the hospital last Friday...

Thank you again for your help and I hope to be able to come in again soon for a postpartum massage!



Elise and Mom